Friday, October 14, 2011

First look at Hasbro's Micronauts, at NYCC?

Thanks to Micropolis Embassy member John Kent's keen observations, we've got a look at what is quite possibly Acroyear from Hasbro's upcoming Micronauts line, revealed in artwork promoting Hasbro's "Unit:E" (Unity, get it?) package of properties on display at New York Comicon this weekend. The image is on display at TFW2005 Transformers board, and is quickly spreading around the net today:

Word has it that this is a 24-page comic book available at the show. (Now I have to somehow score a copy!)

How representative this is of actual product is, of course, subject to speculation. There have been several iterations of the core Micronauts characters in the last few years, generated by subcontractors for AGE as Marty Abrams' company tried to re-launch the property. Kenetic Underground cooked up some appealing stuff for AGE during that period.

I get the distinct impression, however, that the design is based on the Takara Magnepower Arden or LED Acroyears from the end of the 1990s...


  1. Looks like a couple of pages are available at the moment at:

    Biotron is visible in one.

    The afterward notes that what is seen in the book isn't the "ultimate brand expression" of the properties. Meaning, I think, that the final products we'll be buying may not look at all like what we're seeing in this little jam project. This might amount to a 'proof of trade' activity for Hasbro's trademark requirements on these properties.

    The book is $5. I'm hoping to have a copy not long after NYCC. There are indications that Hasbro might have more to say about the Unit:E properties at NYCC on Sunday.

  2. According to reviews, the whole "Unit:E" comic revolves around an Acroyear father showing his son - who will inherit the armor and title of "Acroyear" - the various heroes around the multiverse who might be sought out to aid him in an ongoing struggle against Baron Karza. So, it's great that Micronauts serves at the lynchpin in this particular endeavor.

    Also, reports are that there is absolutely no Micronauts toy presence - either vintage or upcoming - at Hasbro's booth at NYCC, unfortunately. We're hopeful that there will be something significant announced by Hasbro on Sunday. Look for an update here later this weekend, and an overview on Monday.

  3. What old is new once again it's all there is.